Leadership Team (Council)
Rev. Henry Woodall Chair 15
Rev. Duke Morrow Moderator 14
Ruling Elder Merle Apassingok Mod-elect 14
Rev. Curt Karns EP  
Ruling Elder Sharon Rayt Stated Clerk 15
Mary Kron Treasurer 15
Ruling Elder Molly Pederson Area Rep (arctic) 15
Ruling Elder Arlayne Knox Area Rep (interior) 16
Ruling Elder Beulah Nowpakahok Area Rep (west) 16
Ruling Elder Donna Davidson Area Rep (Anchorage-Valley) 15
CRE Sandra Wagenius CPM 16
Ruling Elder Mark Wartes COM 14
CRE Marjorie Poggas  COM (co-opted) 16
Rev. Ian MacInnes-Green
Interpretation & Stewardship 15
Rev. Mary Charlotte McCall
Mission in Action Committee 15
Ruling Elder Fenton Rexford NACC 16
vacant KACC 16
Ruling Elder Dennis Berry Trustees 15
Ruling Elder Shirley Novak PW 13

Presbytery of Yukon

616 W 10th Ave.
Anchorage, AK  99501

phone: 907-276-0914
fax: 907-276-0175



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